8 technology dot net

is created and tended near daily, in a deliberate, ritualised process of

re-construction and re-creation, according to mood, season, context, in the manner of a daily Japanese tea ceremony or tending of a zen garden, for your pleasure...

Like the manufacturing of a japanese tea cup, each page is unique: constructed with minor compositional variation. spot the deliberate imperfections...

The content of the site also provides information about 8: the research project of Goldsmiths, University of London

8 a.k.a. ecosophy 8 a.k.a. 8 technology

brings together particular ideas from science, digital technology, philosophy, architecture and art to facilitate sublime works that shed light on our contemporary ecology and being.

In engaging with the Buddhist premise that all phenomena are sacred and the true art is found in the way we inter-act in daily life, 8 technology dot net like other 8 projects is deliberately created through deliberate use of technologies and applications that are found in the every day.

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Conception and Direction:

raphael jay adjani



8 technology dot net

internet art/art as ritual

themes: deep ecology, technology, daily life as art