tate modern

is a film about relationships between buildings, landscape and people, with an idea that these seemingly separate entities exist always in dynamic

inter-relation to each other.

Commissioned initially for Channel Five's Mad for Art series, the film tate modern seems to concern the potential of an art object (the Tate Modern Museum) to heal.

tate modern offers a radical and highly personal engagement with the spatial dynamics of the Tate Modern Museum, London: perceiving the museum's ‘emptiness’ and a spectator’s experience of it, as integral to its art, as well as its architecture.

tate modern is the first film in a series, entitled spaces, on the subject of architecture, art and philosophy. Films and Podcasts to follow have as subjects: the Guggenheim, Bilbao; the Guggenheim, New York; The British Museum; Tate Britain; the rock–cut edifices of Ellora, India; the Water Temple, designed by Tadao Ando.

Conception, Script, Narration and Direction:

raphael jay adjani a.k.a. ajaykumar

Cinematography and Editing:

Sara Muzio

Production Assistant:

Tod Higginson



Japan, Online/Global, Portugal, Thailand, United Kingdom

tate modern

film: 4 mins

web version

themes: relationships between landscape, buildings & people,