zero = every day?

is an animation that explores the concept of zero, our contemporary technology and our ecology. 

It is made deliberately  using the type of  application used in the corporate world and the education - rather than a hi tech design graphics  - in order to explore the creative potential of our every day technology.

The film exists in various lengths and forms.

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Conception, Text, Narration, and Direction:

raphael jay adjani a.k.a. ajaykumar


raphael jay adjani a.k.a. ajaykumar, Akiko Ban, Takashi Nishida, Daniel Somerville


raphael jay adjani a.k.a. ajaykumar, Rob Palmer, Gareth Jenkinson



Japan, Online/Global, New Zealand, Portugal, Thailand, UK

zero = every day?

film: 24 mins

themes: relationships between

art, technology & deep ecology