red cube series

01 playground


a one room house on the pier

entered by traversing a

meandering rock path;

white wood pillars

and air for walls.

A glass roof of filtered sun

as smoky clouds pass by.

Ventilated by the breeze.

Red-tinged vista of a

mirror garden,

freshened by water sounds

placed in traditional ‘oong’ (water jar).             

Over-looking flowing river,

boats gently drift by.

Imagine at night:

as evening sun sets,

white walls transform;

vivid purples and reds.

‘Grass’ and ‘earth’ of garden;

becoming delicate light shows

triggered by your presence

relaxing in the house.

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This video impression is created by:

Nontawat Numbenchapol with raphael adjani


Rapeedech V. Kulasubaya



Japan, Online/Global, Portugal, Thailand, United Kingdom

red cube series 01: playground

installation documentation:

film: 5 mins